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Aleksander Lefbard art

Hello and welcome, dear guests!

I’m Alexander Lefbard. Looking beyond horizons, setting new quests – are my priorities in life.
I was born and grew up in Belarus. Then my family moved to Lithuania and later to Estonia – my father’s native land. It was in Tallinn where I graduated from a Polytech, with a focus on physical science. The knowledge of computer languages made another part of my education. I was able to improve my professional skills while working in France, Germany, Sweden, Finland and China. I currently work in Estonia and travel a lot.

Being surrounded by smart people, beautiful places and different cultures, I feel myself part of this world. I wish I could better know the national traditions and the way of life in other countries. With this in mind, I studied German, English, Lithuanian and Estonian languages.

So, who am I? I’m a man of the World. The World is so different … Sometimes it’s really tough, but it always keeps beyond the bounds and is really wonderful. It is wonderful in every other instance – technologies, poetry and literature, paintings and music. Like my father said. He was an artist and musician, a graduate of the Surikov Academy of Arts in Moscow. He was my first teacher – I really mean it. He insisted that I go to the Arts and Musical College. He was, thus, able to see me many years ahead. Twenty years passed … It is only now that I realize how right he was: he was trying to show me the colors of the world. The truth of an artist. It is not so much by the hand, but with my heart that I make my paintings.

The colors of my paintings are related to my feelings, my vision of the world. Look at my works attentively! It may well be that they’re your reminiscences – sad or jolly, but inevitably yours. Look at them … In your heart you feel warm and safe … It is because my paintings are also your vision of the world!


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